Sunday Morning:  Worship Service at 10:00am, Education Hour at 9:00

Did you Know. . .

Central has one of the best pipe organs in Denver?

The original organ was installed in the church at 16th and Lincoln and was one of the few large organs in Denver at the time. Installed in 1902 by the Pilcher Organ Company (in an earlier sanctuary), and increased in size by the Reuter Organ Company in the 1950’s, Central’s historic pipe organ is considered to be one of the best in the city of Denver and was often the site for special recitals and musical events. In fact, Central’s pipe organ is the only remaining aspect of our former downtown sanctuary at 16th and Lincoln, and as such it is a living link to the legacy of our church’s past.  The congregation moved to Cherry Creek Drive South in the early 1970’s with only the east wing and chapel completed.  In 1973, the sanctuary was built and dedicated in celebration of the congregation’s centennial. A few years later, the organ came out of storage and was installed in its new home by Morel Associates of Denver.