Sunday Morning:  Worship Service at 10:00am, Education Hour at 9:00

Denver Inner City Parish

The Denver Inner City Parish (the Parish) serves the spiritual and secular needs of low-income residents living in the Metro Denver area. The Parish is a human service nonprofit committed to serving our community for the past 56 years. The Parish works with Denver's vulnerable families by offering programs that relieve human suffering, promote self-sufficiency, enrich lives, and address chronic obstacles associated with poverty. The Parish serves more than 30,000 people annually through eight programs focused on four key service areas: Hunger Relief and Nutrition, Education and Youth Development, Community Enrichment, and Individual Empowerment. The Parish’s direct delivery of multiple services accomplishes what single service agencies cannot: deliver effective assistance to those seeking to truly overcome poverty, as well as provide clients with specific, integrated support to overcome the many, interrelated challenges they face. As the need for our programs and services continue to grow, our programs will continue to scale up and serve more people in need.

Central has been involved in supporting the Parish, as well as the parish school La Academia, for many years.  On the third Sunday of each month we collect food items, toiletries, and tangible gifts to contribute to the Parish. Members of our church give countless volunteer hours to the Parish, and we are grateful for the special relationship between our church and this important ministry