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From the Land of Canaan

  • "St. Andrew's Cross"

    Of course this past Friday was St. Patrick’s Day, and that evening we took the family to Good Shepherd Catholic Church for their annual Friday Fish Fry they do every Friday during Lent. We go every year: it supports a good cause and you get a lot of food - $25 for a family of 4 - in a fun family-friendly setting.   Read More...

  • "The Open Circle"

    You might have heard how, a few years ago, the State of Colorado commissioned a new logo in an elaborate process involving studies and interviews of people both inside and outside the state, spending many millions of dollars to design a new emblem to represent our state to people locally, nationally and globally. Fans of the Colorado state flag, however, might be surprised that despite seeing the flag image splashed all over hats, t-shirts, bumper sticker and what-have-you here in Colorado, poll...  Read More...

  • "Our New Logo"

    As Aristotle said: “People can’t think without an image,” which means that our brains appreciate an image to get our minds around a concept or idea. Think about it, how from Nike’s swoosh symbol to CocaColas old-fashioned script to the apple with a bite out of it on the back of my phone, all the best companies have a logo that serves as a visual shorthand to represent their core identity and values. And perhaps more than ever in the internet era, a logo can represent the ...  Read More...

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