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Sharon's Reflections

Good Saturday morning to each and every one of you: 

It’s amazing to me that a week just went by. It was a busy week, as music camp started. Children from 3rd, 4th and 5th grades are attending. The group started with over 60, but by Friday there were only 28 in attendance. I believe on Friday it is the custom for many families to go to the Buddhist temple to pay respects and so some children did not attend. It will be interesting to see how many children come back on Monday. 

In just five days, the children have learned “Silent Night,” “God Bless All,” “O Come All Ye Faithful,” “How Great Our Joy,” “Joy to the World,” “O Little Town of Bethlehem,” and “The Lord Bless You and Keep You (complete with the seven-fold amen sung in two parts). THEY ARE AMAZING!  Being a teacher from the dry, cool state of Colorado, I am having quite a time keeping cool here.  So the classroom we are using is air-conditioned.  he poor children are FREEZING!! They bring coats and blankets to class and are bundled up most of the time. I appreciate them putting up with my need to stay somewhat cool. As it is, I end up the day feeling very damp.

We had a lot of rain in the early part of the week.  Be sure to check Tom’s Facebook page to see the pictures of the “lake” that surrounded our house Tuesday late afternoon. What was unbelievable is that the next morning, the water had all drained off. We had to jump a few puddles on the walk to school, but no wading or swimming was required.

Life is interesting for us. At home we take so much for granted---a car to go wherever we want whenever we want; TV; fully automatic clothes washers and dryers; an order to Amazon and whatever you desire will be dropped at your door step within a day or two. How spoiled we are!

Tom and I got up this morning and cleaned the house first. Our house has tile floors in all rooms (I love them), and they were all swept and mopped. We scrubbed and mopped the bathroom and washed off all the kitchen counters. Then we washed two loads of clothes and bedding. It was a beautiful, almost cool morning. There was a slight breeze and the air was relatively dry, so we hung the sheets and some clothes outside to dry. We have a rack to use for this purpose. In fact, driving through Bangkok the first day we arrived, I saw many racks on the porches and decks of apartment buildings with clothes hanging to dry.

Since it was such  beautiful morning, we got showered and dressed and headed out to take some pictures of various plants for Doug and to go to the market. We discovered something about Saturday morning here. We walked to the market around 11am and there were scarcely any cars, trucks or motor scooters in the streets. It was almost easy to get across all four roads to arrive at the market. Then we found that the market really wasn’t open that early.  We explored the fairly new shopping center next to the market. At two different times, people stopped to ask us if they could help us. As we walked around, we looked at a food stand which was not open but which sells all kinds of chicken dishes. One of them is ground chicken on rice spaghetti. The picture looked a lot like the spaghetti Tom makes for us using ground turkey instead of ground beef in the sauce. So we will definitely go to this stand one evening to get dinner.

We also found a shoe shop that sells rubber boots. I think we will be going back there to purchase some boots. They may come in handy when we travel later this month to Laytongku. 

We decided to stop at a coffee shop that is near the market. It is called Café Amazon. It is a small shop that has two covered decks which are totally surrounded by lush tropical plants. I will ask Tom to post pictures of the place if he hasn’t already. Anyway, we each had an espresso and shared a most unusual baked delight.  There were six small pieces of omething similar to a jelly roll, but much smaller: finely shredded carrots laid on a sweet cream and rolled up on a pastry (rice?) of some kind. These were absolutely delicious. And this entire treat cost us $120 baht ($4 US). Better than Starbucks and much less expensive! I have a feeling the ladies who work there will get to know us.

The market opened around 12-12:30 (didn’t have our watches). Unfortunately we had been walking outside for quite a while, and the heat really started bothering me. So we rushed through our shopping and forgot to get a pineapple. But we found some beautiful purple lily-like flowers which I bought for the house, and we also got a package of mushrooms (shitake?). They have so many varieties of mushrooms---I will be trying all of them. 

Our house is a duplex, and one of the women living next door told me that there is a monitor lizard living in our mutual backyard. We have not seen it yet, but if we do, we will take videos to show everyone.

To anyone who might be coming to Thailand to visit:  bring loose, lightweight, comfortable clothing.  And sandals, lots of sandals.  Rubber or plastic, no leather!

Have a wonderful weekend.  

Love to you all,




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