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Did you Know. . .

The Four Founders of the Disciples of Christ movement?

Our denomination is considered to have "Four Founders":  Thomas Campbell, Barton Stone, Alexander Campbell, and Walter Scott.   

It grew from two movements - the “Christians” led by Barton Stone in Kentucky, and the “Disciples” led by Thomas and Alexander Campbell in western Pennsylvania. Both grew popular among the people of their respective regions and by the time the streams merged together in 1832, they numbered approximately 22,000 adherents between them.  Now known by both names, “Christians” and “Disciples,” the new movement exploded in numbers as it moved westward with the settlers in their covered wagons across the American frontier. Fueled by the editorial output of Alexander Campbell (considered the third, and most prominent, of the Disciples founders), as well as the evangelistic zeal of Walter Scott (another ex-Presbyterian, considered the fourth Disciples founder), Disciples had increased from 22,000 to nearly 200,000 members between 1832 and 1860.

This historical poster highlights one of the founders' key principles:  Where the Scriptures speak, we speak.  Where the Scriptures are silent, we are silent.