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Did you Know. . .

The meaning behind the baptistry stained glass window?

The beautiful stained glass window above Central's baptistry, designed in the form of a dove, was given in memory of Arch Jeffries and designed by Creative Stained Glass Studio, Ltd. in Lakewood.  The liturgy from its dedication in February of 1998 describes the intended symbolism of the window in detail:

Leader: The dove and the surrounding lines are a reference to the presence the Holy Spirit of God that descended upon Jesus after his baptism by John and said, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

People: The water shapes and colors that flow through the design symbolize the cleansing of the soul that occurs as one is baptized in Christ.

Leader: The flow of line and color is seen as coming from above and out toward the sanctuary, representing God’s love spreading out and through the community.

People: The background lines behind the flow of water are reminiscent of the fisherman’s nets used in the Sea of Galilee by some of Jesus’ apostles.  This becomes symbolic of our similar role as disciples of Christ. 

In 2008, Arch Jeffries’ granddaughter shared with Associate Pastor Canaan Harris that Mr. Jeffries had proposed a stained glass window in the form of a dove as a kind of inside joke. Mr. Jeffries was a professional magician, and the symbol of the dove reminded him of the doves he would use in his magic act.