Bear one another’s burdens, and fulfill the law of Christ (Galatians 6:2)

As Christians, we understand the work of the church to be in part to support each other by ministering to one another’s needs. We do this by forming communities of spiritual support where we can stand with one another in good times and in bad.
Some would argue that the most important ministry that we can offer is our ministry to children and youth, for they represent the future of our church. To this end, Central makes children’s Sunday school, children’s worship and youth programming a priority. Yet there are also many important ministries geared toward senior adults, or those somewhere in between. These remind us that one of the wonderful aspects of church life is cultivating inter-generational relationships; something that may not happen nearly as often or as organically outside of church. Of course, spiritual edification is also important, and thus our communities of support sometimes take the form of a Sunday school class or a Bible study.
Whether you choose to be part of the choir or praise band, or join a Disciples Women group or the Book Club, the small group ministries of the church serve a valuable function in providing a place for us to connect to one another.