Volunteer Departments

Properties (a ministry of the Deacons)

The Properties Department is responsible for the oversight and maintenance of the church’s nearly sixty thousand square foot physical plant, making the Chairman of this department perhaps the largest volunteer responsibility at Central today. The custodial and maintenance staff, with the assistance of a ready crew of volunteer “gophers,” provides day to day attention to both the inside and outside of the church.


The Education Department focuses on facilitating the children’s and youth ministries at Central. Key components of those ministries are:
Children’s Ministry
  • Nursery care on Sunday mornings (from 8:15 am – 12:15 pm) for children ages 0-3
  • Worship & Wonder (our Sunday children’s worship program) for children ages 3-8
  • Children’s Sunday school (from 9:30 – 10:30 am) for children in preschool through 5th grade
  • Special events and activities, including the annual Easter Egg Hunt and Children’s Christmas Pageant
Youth Ministry
  • Sunday morning Youth Group
  • Wednesday evening Youth Activities
  • Annual Youth Mission Trip
  • Other special events and activities

Membership (a ministry of the Elders)

The membership department’s primary focus is to welcome newcomers and support them in tracking toward membership at Central. They are responsible for:
  • Welcoming newcomers to the church
  • Providing greeters to help newcomers feel welcome
  • Providing appropriate materials for first time guests and newcomers informing them about the ministries at opportunities at Central
  • Working with church leadership to help design brochures, booklets, mugs, t-shirts, displays, and other items to promote the church and its membership


Coordinate events that allow members of the church to mingle and build stronger relationships with other members of the congregation. The Fellowship Department is also responsible for the “Welcome Table” coffee and snacks station in the narthex and maintains the rotation schedule where different groups sign up to provide snacks.


The Worship Department coordinates selection of the scripture readers and those giving the children’s message each Sunday. They coordinate with the pastors and music staff around special services in the life of the church, particularly around the seasonal celebrations such as Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. They are also responsible for the Hanging of the Greens event that happens on or before the first Sunday of Advent as well as for any banners or special decorations used in worship.
Stewardship and Finance (Managed by the Treasurer and the Chair of Trustees)
The Stewardship and Finance Department conducts the church’s annual stewardship campaign. The annual church budget is based on the needs of the ministry as well as anticipated returns from congregational giving and other sources of income. The annual Stewardship campaign focuses Central’s attention on stewardship as a Christian virtue and the need to support the ministry of the church through our personal generosity and financial contributions.

Church in Society

The Church in Society Department works to distribute a portion of gross tithes and offerings directly to ministries of help and service agencies throughout metro Denver in order to provide support to people in need and to spread goodwill throughout the community.

World Outreach

“It’s not enough just to teach a man to fish, but we must teach a man so that he is able to teach others to fish as well” Banyat Adipat, World Outreach Chair
The World Outreach Department coordinates Central’s direct giving to programs assisting people in need in countries outside of the United States, as well as our contributions to outreach efforts at the Disciples of Christ Regional and General levels.


The Nominating Committee is responsible for the election process that happens every year prior to the annual Congregational Meeting. It is their efforts that keep all of the other Cabinet members as well as all of the elected ministry representatives of the church in their elected positions according to Central Bylaws.