Sunday Morning:  Worship Service at 10:00am, Education Hour at 9:00

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Beginning Wednesday September 6th (the first Wednesday after Labor Day) we're going to rev up your midweek with an hour of praise and passion!  The praise of God simply cannot be confined to one day a week:  we need time together during the work-week, during the school-week to glorify him. 

We'll begin with a light meal from 5:30 - 6:30, so busy families and working folks can come directly to the church on Wednesday evening, eliminating the need to worry about making dinner plans either before or after the service.

We'll gather in the chapel at 6:30 for an informal worship service.  Our praise service will feature the bread and cup of communion, but many of the other features of a Sunday service will be re-arranged so that we can focus on contemporary praise and immersion in God's word.

Central's goal with this new "third service" is to bring you back to the source of life and power, the Holy Spirit, during your everyday life.  We are also covenanting with each other to conclude the service by 7:29 pm each Wednesday, because we know that many of our members and friends have busy lives and need to get children to bed on time or will be coming to this service because it fits in with the busy lives and busy schedules.

We hope you will be able to stop in and check out this exciting new worship offering.