The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) was born on the American frontier of the early 1800′s. As a congregational movement, each congregation sets its own polity, or rules. Nevertheless, most Disciples congregations have a readily identifiable style that defines us almost as much as our beliefs.
We Celebrate Diversity – Disciples make an effort to honor diversity and to cultivate openness to the views of others, with every individual having the right and the duty to study scripture for themselves. Early church mottos that reflect this emphasis on individual interpretation and welcoming diversity include “No Creed but Christ” and “Christian Unity is Our Polar Star.”
Role of Laity and Clergy – Our founders emphasized the ministry responsibility of all baptized Christians, without minimizing the need for trained and qualified pastoral leadership.
Role of Women – Disciples have historically valued the leadership of women in all aspects of church life, including roles of preaching, teaching, and administration. Disciples predecessors were the first churches in the United States to ordain women to Christian ministry, beginning as early as 1810.
We are “People of the Table” – The Lord’s Supper, or Holy Communion, with its incomparable portrayal of God’s self-giving love, is the center of our gathered life in worship. In pursuit of Christian unity, it is open to all believers.
We are “People of Living Water” – Disciples practice baptism by immersion as in the Biblical model. However, in the spirit of Christian unity, we fully embrace and welcome all who have been baptized by other means.
We are “People of Ministry” – In recognition of God’s mercy and grace, we are led to support missions of outreach and to address human concerns of peace and justice, in anticipation of the coming of God’s shalom.
For more information on the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), see the websites of our Regional and General church.