Lay Leaders


Our elders are responsible for the spiritual life and development of the congregation. They preside at the Lord’s Table, provide supportive counsel for the minister, and assist in ministering to individuals and families in times of sickness, emotional distress, and bereavement. Membership is currently a ministry of the Elders.


Our Deacons are responsible for the maintenance and growth of the congregation through its individual members and corporate life in witness in the community and in the world. Deacons are responsible for the distribution of communion, the receiving of offerings, and assisting in preparation of candidates for baptism. Deacons also assist in greeting and ushering of worshipers; in financial canvasses, and visitation projects. Properties is currently a ministry of the Deacons


Our Deaconesses have promoted Christian Fellowship and contacted homebound church members since their formation in 1894. They organize and serve a reception after memorial services at Central, prepare communion, assist at baptisms, and deliver flowers to shut-ins or church members who have been ill. They also sell Easter lilies and poinsettias at the appropriate times of year to decorate the church


Our trustees review any proposals for gifts of trust funds or trust property to the church (along with any terms, restrictions or conditions which may be attached to such proposed gifts) and recommend to the Cabinet whether such proposals should be accepted. Once accepted, the Board of Trustees is responsible for holding, investing and administering all trust funds in accounts separate from the general funds of the church.