Adult Sunday School

Central’s Sunday school classes for both children and adults, meet from 9:00-9:50 every Sunday morning. We have three regular classes for adults, as well as special seminars and classes held periodically throughout the year. Come check out our Sunday school classes and see if one is right for you!

Heart to Heart (meets in Room W12)

The Heart to Heart class provides young adults and young families in the life of the church the opportunity to build friendships in the Spirit of Christ. We have a core group of young singles and couples in their 20′s-40′s that meet every Sunday in room W-12 to share in fellowship and discussion about topics important to us. We are starting a new cirriculum based on the book The Cup of Our Life: A Guide for Spiritual Growth by Joyce Rupp. This series will use brief reflections, discussion and guided meditation to examine the image of a cup as the locus of our spirituality.

Welcome All (meets in Narthex)

The Welcome All class starts at 9:15 a.m. with prayer & then discusses that day’s Bible reading. Topics vary, and the curriculum is designed so that it is an open discussion with people able to join at any time. As the name of the class implies, we want to make all that enter the church know we are a genuinely welcoming congregation for all visitors, guests, and members of Central Christian Church.

Kum Dubl (meets in Room W13, next to the cloak room)

A more descriptive class name would be Kum All, or Kum As You Are. All ages and marital statuses are included. Most attendees are over 50. (The nostalgic original name of this class, which began in 1948, has been retained.)
9:00 Sunday morning: After a short devotion by a class member, and a prepared presentation, we examine the Bible and discuss it in the context of life in 2019, using the International Bible Study as a reference. Lively class discussion results.
Outreach: Caring for others, especially class members, is a high priority. We also support many of the Central Christian Church’s programs, including national and international service projects.
Social Events: We enjoy being together outside the classroom, too – holiday parties, class birthday party, picnics, movies, pot lucks, chili lunch, etc. Refer to the church calendar for future activities.
Our class benediction identifies the goal of the class: “Let our lights so shine before men that they may see our good works and glorify our Father who is in heaven.” MATTHEW 5:16
Please Kum Join Us.

Special Seminars and Classes

In addition, Sunday morning classes and seminars are offered periodically on everything from marriage enrichment to spirituality to social and political concerns. When scheduled, these classes will be announced in the church newsletter and posted on the website calendar. Some of these will be scheduled for 11:15, allowing participants to join both the special seminar and their regular Sunday school class.